Friday, March 13, 2009

Next Up: Homosexuals Serving Openly In The US Military!

Next Up: Homosexuals Serving Openly In The US Military!
How Do You Like “CHANGE” So Far?
J. D. Longstreet


For all you American voters who wanted change, well, you got it! The country is broke, unemployment is through the roof, and our great grandchildren are broke long before they are even a twinkle in their dad’s eye. The economy is headed for the bottom and, so far, we can’t see the bottom! Boy, things sure have changed!

The new commander-in-chief tells the enemy when American troops will be leaving the battlefield in Iraq, in effect, ceding the war to the enemy. Does anybody REALLY think Iraq will remain a free democratic country once US troops leave?

And then there is Afghanistan. The brand new commander-in-chief is sending more troops into a war that is practically un-winnable. I mean… how do you wage war against a gaggle of un-united tribes? Sure you can choose one tribe, and pacify it. Then you have to go pacify another and another and another ad infinitum. It is a war that will never be won. Waging war against the Taliban is akin to fighting a cult. It is not a nation with a government and a central leader. Without someone, on the enemy’s side, to declare they have lost and seek surrender terms… how do you know you have won, even if you do, somehow, happen to win? Heck, it is even confusing me as I try to write this rant!

So, as I am pondering the change wrought by the new US administration, I pick up the paper a few days ago and I see a wire story that the President is considering reviewing the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the US military. The White House says the change will strengthen our armed forces and our national security. Why, that alone tells you all you ever need to know about the current administration’s knowledge about the military and how it operates. Zip! Zero! NOTHING! If everything else failed to convince you that Obama is a social liberal from the far left, this one thing ought to settle that issue for you once and for all.

There are millions of military veterans out here in the hinterlands of America who know how totally wrong it is to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the US military. We’ve been there. We’ve done that… and we know! But this is the kind of action you would expect from a President who has absolutely no knowledge of the military and from a political party that has disdain for the military. For some reason the Democrats seem to want to play their social engineering games with the military. Much like despot regimes force prisoners to take part in drug testing, and such, the democrats apparently see a captive lot in our military… captives with whom they can do darn near as they please. This kind of social engineering only demonstrates the deep disrespect the democrats have for all military personnel.

The US military has had, in place the “Don ‘t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for homosexuals in the military in place since 1993. Under the terms of that policy homosexuals could serve in the US military as long as they kept quiet about their sexual orientation and didn’t go public with it, by admitting it, or openly taking part in homosexual activity. If either occurred, homosexuals were shown the door and bade farewell from the US Military.

This move by the Obama Administration comes as no surprise to yours truly. Back in July of 2008 I wrote the following: “So why is this coming up now? The answer is simple. Take a look at what is probably going to happen n November. The most liberal senator in the US Senate is probably going to win the next election and become the President of the US. Add to that the increase in numbers in the Congress of ultra-liberal democrats cinching their control over the two branches of the government and with a Supreme Court that is almost as liberal as it is conservative… and you have to ask??? The “iron will be hot” and they intend to strike. There is no reason to believe they will fail in striking down any and all laws that might keep homosexuals out of the US military. Don’t ask, don’t tell is doomed. Bet on it!

Get used to it. A liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist take over of the US government is in the offing. We old fogies who believe in freedom had a pretty good run, but we are no longer wanted and the Eurocrats and Neocomms (New Commies) are set to take over and roll back the freedom(s) we worked so hard to preserve for nearly three centuries. The destruction of the hated US Military is just one of their goals. And that is why the issue has resurfaced at this particular time.”

Look, the bottom line is this: if you really want to see recruitment drop off, simply allow homosexuals to serve openly in the US military. The rate of “re-ups” will drop immediately as will recruitment numbers. Many Soldiers, Sailors Marines, Airmen, and Coastguardsmen will not re-enlist when their current enlistment is up. I don’t blame them. Many parents and guardians of young men and women who are required to sign papers to express their willingness for their son or daughter to enlist, will not sign those papers. Young men and women who cannot, for religious purposes, associate with homosexuals, will not sign up… and the list goes on and on.

As recruitment numbers drop a military draft will become necessary. A draft is wonderful… if… you are going for warm bodies and/or cannon fodder. But to get the quality of young men and women required by today’s high tech military we must have bright, well-educated, young men and women. Allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the US military will not strengthen the military. it will destroy it.

J. D. Longstreet


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