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A Palestinian State Is A Horrible Idea

A Palestinian State Is A Horrible Idea

By: J. D. Longstreet

If you have been paying attention, at all, you know the US and Israel are on a collision course. Wait a minute! Let me make that a bit clearer. The Obama Administration is on a collision course with Israel, and by Israel I mean the coming Netanyahu Administration there.

The Obama Administration/Regime is supporting a state for Palestine. Netanyahu does not. (My money is on Netanyahu. As a matter of fact, I wish he were qualified to be President of the US and would agree to run in 2012. But, alas, it isn’t going to happen!)

Mrs. Bill Clinton, the US SecState, is going to be pushing Bebe, as hard as she can, toward a two-state deal. Bebe is not going to move. Threats will be made… SOME will be carried out. Money will be cut off. SOME money will be cut off. Our Christian/Islamic (?) President is already pouring billions into to Gaza for Hamas and he will get all persnickety about it. Bebe will not kow tow and kiss his feet. That will rankle Obama.

Look, the creation of a Palestinian state will do nothing to bring stability to the region. In fact, there will be more war, more instability, and more suffering.

A Palestinian state would effectively open up a front that starts ten miles from Tel Aviv and reaches 1,000 miles deep across the Arabian Peninsula to Teheran. That, alone, will be cause for Israel to go on their highest military alert and stay there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In other words… all the time. The buffer zone Israel counts on to give her time to activate her reserves and get them mobilized will no longer exist. That short period of time, so vital for the defense of Israel, will be gone. Therefore, Israel will have no choice but to adopt what, for all practical purposes, will be a “state of war” as a normal, everyday, lifestyle.

There is a school of thought, in Israel, which says Israel would not be the first target of a Palestinian State military. That distinction, according to this theory, must go to the country of Jordan whose population is 80% Palestinian. This line of thinking has it that the Palestinians will want to complete the coup against the Hashemite Kingdom they began back in 1970. The Palestinian State will certainly want to clear the region of its one remaining moderate, western-oriented Arab state. Once that job is completed and their military enlarged by the “Jordanian/Palestinians,” THEN they can turn their attention to Israel.

How dimwitted is it for the US to put any trust in the government of a state whose children’s textbooks teach “holy war” against Israel?

Mrs. Clinton has been assuring the Middle Eastern states that the Obama Regime is determined to continue the Bush policy of two-states as a solution to the brawl between Israel and the Arab terrorists who insist on calling themselves Palestinians. Again, it is a dumb idea for the US. No matter the president… it is D U M B!

Lets see: Right now we have Syria, Iraq, and Iran giving us pain in the posterior and the Obama Regime is dead set on adding a fourth with a state of Palestine? Again, I ask, how dimwitted is this? But, I forget! We have the “creame de la creame” in DC, the “best and the brightest” of the academicians, many of whom seem to be educated beyond their collective abilities, concocting these schemes from left-wing dreams of “group-hugs” among nations.

So, we must ask ourselves just how prepared are the Arabs (aka Palestinians) for statehood, anyway? Has there been any preparation for oh, say, industrialization? How about their work on developing export markets? Have they given any thought to negotiating trade arrangements with their next-door neighbor, Israel? I think we all know the answer to all the above is… NO. So, it is safe, then, to assume that a state of Palestine would be wracked with poverty which will require billions of dollars in foreign aid from which the chieftains will bleed off their shares and get rich while piling up hordes of cash in numbered bank accounts far from the Middle East.

No, a Palestinian state will only ensure the continuation of war, terrorism, and bloodshed. The one thing we can be sure it will not bring to the Middle East is… peace.

J. D. Longstreet


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