Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Climb on the Pro-Immigration Bandwagon - or Don't be Counted in U.S.

(The following is a Press Release from the Tsunami Media.)

May 6, 2009


Climb on the Pro-Immigration Bandwagon - or Don't be Counted in U.S.
According to an ABC /Washington Post poll public opinion has swung wildly in favor of giving citizenship to illegal aliens in the U.S. - at a margin of 61% to 35%. One can only wonder if the sample group for this poll marginalized Republicans sampled to a mere 21% - as in another recent poll on an popularity did. (See post below on "100 Days Debacle." See suspicious poll data and progressive hype on this topic

Even Open Congress is buzzing with this presumed "surge in public support", being used as a mandate for Congressional action - referencing the same ABC poll for December 2007 poll showed nearly half the population was firmly opposed to this measure. See the results

The truth in this staggering shift in opinion may well lie in the currently biased use of polling to manipulate the appearance of a "bandwagon effect." This longstanding political propaganda technique, often applied by Axelrod and company, is meant to marginalizing all opposition and shaming any who try to stand in their way for being "politically incorrect." If you're not intimidated by political correctness - and you are concerned about the economic and social impact of sudden sweeping citizenship for illegals,
TAKE A STAND by signing this PETITION NOW. We need to let Congress know - urgently - where the American people really stand on this. They are using manufactured information to promote their cause!

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