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US Socialist Government to Crush Free Speech

US Socialist Government to Crush Free Speech
Senate Bill S773 Will Trash The 1st Amendment
: J. D. Longstreet


This is one of those times when I WISH I had been WRONG!!! Unfortunately, it now appears that I was right… but… I honestly thought we’d have more time. But the “ASG” (AMERICAN SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT) intends to strike while the iron is hot! By keeping the American people off kilter, rocked back on our heels with every kind of crisis they could throw at us, they have moved swiftly to trash the US Constitution, crush democracy, and enslave over 300 million Americans within a formerly free nation.

Now comes Senate Bill S773. This bill would, critics say, give the federal government control over the INTERNET including, under emergency conditions, the right of the president to shut down the whole Internet or sites on it, including the interruption of e-mail," You can read the entire article at World Net Daily HERE.

This, dear reader, is what happens when apathy and ignorance reign in a nation of formerly free people!

Some Americans are awake. Some are just beginning to wake up to what happened on Election Day back in November of 2008. For those of you who still haven’t a clue… we lost our country!

Just a couple or three days ago we wrote this: Is the Fairness Doctrine coming to the INTERNET?

“We have warned of this as a possibility for a very long time now. It seems we conservative bloggers are giving the lefties a hard time and, anytime that happens, they bring down their mailed fist in an attempt to destroy anyone who disagrees with THEIR socialist philosophy. You can read the latest on this at World Net Daily HERE.

Oh, and you naughty people who send those angry e-mails must have hurt some lefties’ feelings, ‘cause they want to make you stop! You are a really mean person, bullying people, and all!! So they have an answer for that, too. That is to refuse to allow you to send an angry e-mail for 24 hours. That’s covered in the same story at World Net Daily. Click the link above and see what we are going on about.”

That little “heads-up” piece was written on April 29th.

We have been sleeping with one eye open, squinting at Washington, waiting for the other shoe to fall. Apparently, it is on the way down, even as I scribble these few words onto this electronic paper before me.

Using the “crisis of the day” as cover, the left is busily working to solidify their hold on the government and impose their brand of socialism on an obviously unsuspecting electorate. Why “unsuspecting”? Because the MsM (Mainstream Media) has become sycophants for the Obama Administration and the socialist left in power in Washington. These days if you want objective news reporting on anything happening in America’s government, you have to search for news sources offshore. It is something I have been doing for years as a result of the left-wing bias of the American media.

There is a new site you need to visit, if, that is, you are the least bit interested in preserving free speech on the broadcast airwaves of America and on the INTERNET. It is “American Radio Free Speech.” You’ll find it HERE.

The following is from their news release issued on April 28th, 2009:

Over the last weekend more than two dozen of the nation's top talk shows and media outlets held an unprecedented private meeting to brainstorm strategies against what they agreed are government plans to squelch First Amendment rights.

Organized by Brad O'Leary, author of the new book, "Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech" and Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of World Net Daily (, the group chose a spokesman and chairman of the coalition - Radio America syndicated host Roger Hedgecock of San Diego, CA. Other members of the group included nationally syndicated radio hosts Lars Larson (, Rusty Humphries (, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (, Steve Gill ( and local hosts Martha Zoller (, Joyce Kaufman ( and Kirby Wilbur (
The Coalition, legally formed as The American Radio Free Speech Foundation, has created a public awareness campaign and educational initiative-- "Don't Touch My Dial" (

The Nation faces an insidious attack on its First Amendment Rights that is being cloaked in legislation and regulation evidenced by the recently circulated draft FCC regulations (first proposed in February, 2008) to impose "localism" and "media ownership diversity" on talk radio.
In addition, under the guise of "cyberspace security", Senators Rockefeller, Snowe, and Nelson have introduced S773 which would, critics say, give the federal government control over the internet including, under emergency conditions, the right of the President to shut down the whole internet or sites on it, including the interruption of email.

When the public is informed about what is happening behind the scenes to threaten their First Amendment rights, they will be outraged. As shown in a recent poll that was commissioned by the coalition and is part of the "Zogby/O'Leary Report's First 100 Days Poll" when 3,937 voters from the last election were asked: "Four members of the U.S. Senate recently introduced a bill that would allow the President of the United States to turn off the internet nationally in the event of an emergency, however the Bill does not DEFINE what constitutes an emergency. Do you support or oppose this bill?" 81.8 % said they would oppose the bill and 5% said they would support it.

"The assault on the First Amendment that is being planned by the Government and the extremist Left is not limited to their desire to silence conservative talk radio," Hedgecock noted. "Newspapers and Television are not immune to the anti-First Amendment efforts that are at work here. In addition, the Internet is also a target for receiving the restrictive aspects of the so-called "fairness doctrine" as a means of stifling criticism for anything that is being reported or commented upon. Apparently the Administration wishes to silence any avenue from which the truth can escape the yoke of government tyranny."

Hedgecock commented further, "This issue -- and the urgent need for a broad-based, aggressive coalition to fight back -- is much bigger than talk radio, and much more dangerous than an effort to simply silence a few voices that the current Administration dislikes. This fight is a First Amendment fight and one that every American must be involved with, which is why we have created 'Don't Touch My Dial' as a vehicle for mass participation."

Hedgecock is also the Chairman and Spokesperson for Unfair Air (, Radio America's Free Radio Coalition to protect First Amendment Rights as they pertain to radio and radio audiences. Unfair Air is a member of the new broader based Coalition and will actively participate in the "Don't Touch My Dial" campaign.

Hedgecock is an exclusive columnist for World Net Daily ( and the author of the recently published three book series: The 2008 Conservative Voter's Field Guide to: #1- Immigration, #2- The War and #3 - Healthcare ( He is also a frequent guest on Hannity & Colmes, The O'Reilly Factor and other Fox News Channel Shows, on CNN's Lou Dobbs Show and on MSNBC. He was also the preferred guest host on The Rush Limbaugh Show for over a decade.

Hedgecock is quoted By World Net Daily as having said: “I believe the strategy is to make the current state of compliant journalism that prevails in the mainstream media the norm as well on the Internet and in talk radio," He went on to say: "I think in the next 90 days we will see the imposition of the local advisory boards. They will immediately become complaint departments staffed by the Left on all local and nationally syndicate talk programs." Hedgecock explained: “The threats of those complaints to the viability of the underlying station licenses will be immediate and will force corporations that own these stations into a very defensive posture. Talk about a chilling effect on free speech, this will be an Arctic blast of restraint on opinion based on the threat to take the license away,"

As a retired broadcaster of nearly 30 years, I can tell you this is serious stuff. It is going to be an all out attack on YOUR First Amendment Rights! Already, Americans have taken to “whispering” in crowded rooms when conversing on topics having to do with the current presidential administration. The “FEAR” has already taken hold. It is a condition Americans are not used to and many do not recognize it, and will not, until it is too late to make a difference.

t is time for Americans to make a stand for the freedom and the liberty our forefathers died to gain for us. Later generations of American patriots lay down their lives to preserve that freedom and those liberties for us. Can we allow ourselves to do less? Well, can we?

The Old America is gone. The New America, aborning, may prove to be an abomination. There is no longer room for apathy and ignorance. There never was. It is time, now, right now, for Americans to save themselves.

J. D. Longstreet

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