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A Note to Obama Loving Israelis: Want to Trade?

A Note to Obama Loving Israelis: Want to Trade?
By: J. D. Longstreet

Israel, like all democratic countries, and formerly democratic countries (such as the United Socialist States of America), have liberals and a coterie of the not-so-bright members of elite academics and members of their press corp. That is a given. It is a given we mightily disagree with, but, hey, some things we just have to swallow hard and move on.

I make an effort to stay up with current news events in Israel on a daily basis. I'm from the old school where the scholars believe that Israel is the linchpin of humanity on this earth and by keeping a close eye on Israel one can see the future in the making.

It also gives me ulcers. Israel, you see, has a goodly number of left-wing journalists, just as we do in the states. The Israeli leftists want the same thing the American leftists want. That is socialist domination of their country and the world.

One of the things that really grinds on me is the Israeli leftist's continual promotion of our President, Mr. Obama --- and their continual tearing down of their own Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Granted: I do the same thing here --- only I do it in reverse!) If such things were possible, I would gladly swap our Mr. Obama for their Mr. Netanyahu, in a heartbeat, and never look back! As a mater of fact, I expect about 47%, or so, of the American electorate would be happy with that trade!

The left-leaning press in Israel continues to tell their readers how Obama is going to force Netanyahu to do thus and so. Ain't gonna happen! Oh, don’t misunderstand, now. Obama will try to T E L L Netanyahu what he W I L L do and what he W I L L N O T do, but it will go into one of Mr. Netanyahu's ears and out the other. See, Bibi has a mind of his own and he tends to think for himself. Sometimes it brings him grief, but, hey, he is his own man. Nobody owns him --- not even Obama.
Recently Netanyahu went to Washington to speak with Obama. We were assured by the leftist press that Obama would read him the riot act and Netanyahu would relent and fall in line behind the Two-State Policy of Obama's which features a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Didn't happen!

Us dumb ole conservative writers told you it would not happen weeks before the event. But, dear reader, you must understand that if a scribe, such as myself, has "conservative" by his or her name, it automatically means we are dumb, inbred, hicks from the backwoods of the American wilderness. Why IS that, do you suppose?

You see, we frighten the leftists so much they live in constant fear of our penchant for being able to almost instantly form an opinion and then defend our stand in the face of all comers. Seldom do we wring our hands and worry for days on end about the nuance of the words we have just spoken or written.

The left is in awe of our insight into world events, including the current events here in our own country. We make them look so bad, they make every effort to keep us under wraps and to stifle us at every opportunity. They will censor any news of events of a conservative nature they fear might have some effect upon the American electorate. Allow me to give you just one example: "The Great American Tea Party,” held just a few days ago all across America: Did you know the collective crowds were estimated at over one million Americans gathered at the many gathering points, from sea to shining sea, (As planned) to protest the continued raising of taxes on American citizens in order to redistribute the nation’s wealth, and the government's blatant ignoring of the Constitution. Did you see anything in the papers about it? Did you hear or see anything on the TV about it? When you DID manage to find a story the press had reluctantly produced about it, were you surprised to see the leftist slant to the reporting and the nearly inaudible snickering from the elitist newspersons covering the report?

You can bet that had the US Supreme Court been considering a case on Roe vs Wade and there had been just three persons carrying poster board signs, in support of Roe -v- Wade, outside the Supreme court building, you would not have been able to walk those sidewalks for the hundreds of newspersons, cameras, microphones, microwave dishes, and mobile control rooms (in multicolored vans) parked everywhere forcing you to tip-toe through the cables strew everywhere as if a 2-year- old had been playing with his spaghetti supper. But, how dare I? Don’t I KNOW there is absolutely no left-leaning bias in the press? Well, DUH!

Now a note to our Israeli friends: You have finally got a Prime Minister who is ready, willing, and able to save the country so many of you have bled and died to preserve. Let him do his job! Right now, at this point in history, Netanyahu's job is to save Israel from Iran. If that requires bombing Iran back to the stone age, then get behind Netanyahu and help him do it. It is the only way your country, Israel, will be saved. The socialists running America these days are far more concerned for the welfare of the Arabs and Muslims than they are for Israel.

You are, for all intents and purposes, on your own. It is going to be up to Bibi Netanyahu to stop Iran. He can do it, but, it seems to me, an admitted outsider, that you have a responsibility to help defend your nation --- and it also seems to me, you can best do that by supporting your Prime Minister's efforts at this particular time in history.

Forget Obama! In four years, eight years, tops, he will be gone from the political stage and we conservatives, with God's help, will have gotten our act together and will have earned an opportunity to salvage whatever is left of the once great America and re-establish her as a world power once again.

As you can plainly see, under Obama's guidance, America is slipping from the pinnacle of power, with each passing day, and will continue to do so until the American people say “enough” and purge our political house of all the socialists in our government.

As I look at Washington today I am forced to admit that Joe McCarthy was right, only too early, with his charges of communists in the American government.

To our friends in Israel we say, don't allow your nation to be taken from you as we Americans did just last year. America has gone from a democratic state to a socialist state almost overnight. On the surface, the promises socialism makes are beguiling --- especially to the ignorant among us and to those of lesser intelligence, as well as to the lazy and, shall we say --- non-motivated. It is also appealing to those who are ready, willing, and able to use their guile in the service of greed and power to wring anything and everything of value from those who willingly fall into step behind the leader of a socialist movement. That is what is happening everyday here in America these days.

As a loyal America, who has great feelings for the state of Israel, I plead with you to not take your direction from the Obama Administration. I strongly suggest that you, as a free people, insist that your government make it's own decisions based on what is right for Israel --- and Israel alone.

J. D. Longstreet

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