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SPECTER Accents 100 Days Debacle

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SPECTER Accents 100 Days Debacle
W.A.M. Press Release
April 29, 2009


If it seems to you that the "Change Administration" continues to expend its primary energies to campaigning rather than governing, you're on the right track. With scores of Executive Branch positions still left vacant, the spectacle unveiled for Obama's 100 Day mark apparently took most of the Administration's energy. This included erroneous polling by supportive MainStreamMedia.
In a glaring example, an absurb AP poll, headlined on Time Warner and other outlets with this caption: "AP Poll: After Obama's 100 days, U.S. on right track."

One fly in the ointment of this much-publicized poll is that it included a mere 21% Republican sampling - with a whopping 38% now identified as "Independent." As one blogger remarked, it seems that 'the communist state has arrived. AP is Pravda." What happened to the rest of the GOP? Applying the ongoing "New Party" strategy, the swiftest means to alter political reality is to use the Media to tell the public what you want to be true. This involves considerable attention and time - but if it keeps your "candidate’s popularity afloat, well, then it's worth it. And let's not leave out the new First Lady, who is also reported this week, in another fallacious poll, to be approved of by 87% of Americans - leaving many of US wondering just who did they call?!

In an astonishing report, Politico substantiates the "Obama campaign still funds operations." Its review indicates that, having entered the new year with $18 Million dollars, it's now down to a mere $10 Million.” Last month alone, it paid $74,000 in payroll, $23,000 for rent, $10,000 for polling and $6,400 for travel. Other interesting payments during the first three months of the year, the period covered by Wednesday's report, included $688,000 in legal fees to the firm of Bob Bauer — the top lawyer for the campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the Obama political group Organizing for America, and the Obama family — and $6,400 to a firm founded by Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden." For more fascinating facts on the Obama- Axelrod ongoing campaign, go

Pulling out all the stops for his 100-Day marker not only included biased poll reports but a pointless hour of prime time coverage. Having already leveraged more prime time coverage than President Clinton was given his entire term in office - millions of viewers were coerced to sit politely through Obama's tele-prompter guided Talking Points - unchallenged by reporters. In a full hour only 13 questions were permitted, including one riveting query about what has most "enchanted" the new Commander-in-Chief since January. The rest of US may be relieved to note that, while the economy continues to sink and Barney Frank's Housing fix law has qualified one homeowner for salvation over a full 3 months, Obama has plenty of "perks" to boost his spirits. These include a bombshell of unintended "bad press" - at extravagant expense - but too inept and careless not to be criticized. The Defense Department terrorizing of New York City, when a "photo shoot" of Air Force One, accompanied by fighter jets, swooped over the downtown area spoke volumes of this administration’s contempt for both protocol
and public safety. Turns out this thoughtless fiasco was created on behalf of - what else but the Change Administrations' latest marketing video. See the reaction of New
York's mayor here, after citizens below panicked and many commercial buildings were evacuated in a rationally-based fear that another air attack was unfolding.

The worst debacle of thinly disguised brainwashing, however, was GOP Senator Arlen
Specter’s carefully timed announcement of his withdrawal from the Republican party to join the un-Democratic majority with which he has been voting all year anyway! Seems his rival for the 2010 PA race, Conservative Pat Toomey is so far ahead in the polls, the
Senator has no other option for defending his re-election than to switch labels (but not gears) to bring forth more bundles of questionably sourced New Party capital by running under the Democratic banner. The price he paid? No more than his massively televised participation in this week's 100-Day marketing blitz!

In a press conference pathetically punctuated by spin and half-truths, Senator Specter defended his (no doubt planned well in advance) shift by identifying himself as a lonely "Moderate" in a party now ruled by "right-wing" Conservatives. This distorted re-branding of the GOP - and marginalizing of all who object to the "Change" Administration's overhaul of America-, which began with the biased, demeaning coverage of the April 15 public protesters -shows, no sign of letting up soon. It's amusing to note that Sen. Tom Harkin, who was scheduled to speak on FOX News about this political 'upset' bowed out abruptly, without explanation. This after Specter made publicly clear that his deal with Senate Majority Leader Reid provides full rights to DEM seniority - since his 1st 1980 GOP election. Specter proudly stated that he now holds party seniority over most others, including IA Sen. Harkin himself!

For all its coverage, Senator Specter's un-newsworthy flash left only one question not only unanswered but also not even asked. What about the voters of Pennsylvania who elected him as a Republican??? What exactly gives him the right to change horses after he was elected by his constituents to serve - not himself - but them? If this most recent and most glaring example of Washington's abusive pattern of ignoring “We the People” insults you, sign in to send a
FREE FAX to the ego-driven Senator Specter right now. Join W.A.M. in demanding he tell his voters: What's "Moderate" about his New Party's mind-bending budget and un-democratic take-over of the air-waves, the auto-makers and the banks?! Sen. Specter's D.C. Fax: 202-228-1229.


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