Monday, May 04, 2009

WANTED: One Female, Minority, Socialist Supreme Court Nominee

WANTED: One Female, Minority, Socialist
Supreme Court Nominee

By: J. D. Longstreet


Here we go again! The fight for the Supreme Court. The control of which is, in all probability, the most important in the American government. Why? Because the Court has the power to tell you and me exactly what the US Constitution REALLY says.

No matter that the Constitution, as written is, in fact, easily understood. The men who wrestled over the original wording of that document made every effort to make it easily understood. That was an important, if not THE MOST important, part of their mission. And they completed it beautifully. So far, no other country has been able to duplicate it in its simplicity and its beauty. Not to mention its power. The only country to come close was the Confederate States of America. If you take the time to read the CSA Constitution, you will see that it is basically the US Constitution with some minor changes. For instance, the President of the Confederacy was limited to one six year term. Plus, you must factor in that one of the reasons those 11 states, and parts of two others, left the Union was because the original constitution was being trashed then, come to think of it, very much as it is being trashed today …by the very same government.

Supreme Court Justices are the most important reason we choose which political party will lead America. For “yours truly” considering how the presidential candidate will choose justices for the Supreme Court is the deciding factor for my vote.

Of the three branches of the US government, for all intents and purposes, the Supreme Court is the most powerful branch of our government. It is they who decide if what the Congress does is legal. They decide if what the President does, or proposes, is legal or is not legal.

One need not be a lawyer or a judge to be a US Supreme Court Justice. One needn’t have read a single page of a single law book to be a US Supreme Court Justice in the US. One only needs to be approved by the US Senate. It’s referred to as the “advice and consent” of the Senate. What it really means, of course, is a majority vote of the Senate. Because the Constitution does not set any qualifications for service as a Justice, the President may nominate anyone to serve. As a result, there have been some major screwups in appointments to the court. Indeed, the justice stepping down in June, Souter, was thought by the President who appointed him, President George H. W. Bush, to be a conservative. He turned out to be anything BUT a conservative. Many of his votes on the court have given conservatives nightmares.

If you are thinking there is a chance to get a conservative, or a moderate, onto the Court this time, do not delude yourself. It isn’t going to happen. Mr. Obama will get whomever he chooses. That is a given, unless that nominee is found to have committed treason… and that might give the majority in the Senate a moment of “pause” and then… they will vote for him or her. The point is Obama WILL get the nominee of his choice approved by the Senate.

So far the Obama administration has managed to hold back a slew of controversial projects that those on the left, and the ultra-left, are foaming at the mouth to get out into the open and onto the floor of both the House and the Senate. Things like a new immigration policy. Basically a new immigration policy, to the Obama people, means “let ‘em in and give ‘em citizenship so they can vote for the democratic candidate. Then there is the “gays in the military” policy change. To the Obama people that means the same thing as a new immigartion policy… let ‘em in so they will vote for the democratic candidate. (They haven’t a clue as to the damage they will do to the US military by this single action. It will decimate the ranks first thing. Enlistments will fall through the floor, re-enlistments will fall even worse. Troop behavior will deteriorate into something unrecognisable. (US troop behavior is one of the best of any military in the world. That will not last.) And, of course the Obama people feel they must do something to protect access to abortion. That is another “hot-button issue” that will bring Americans out into the streets.

As we said above... so far, the Obama Administration has been able to keep these issues locked up in the basement, out of sight… but that cannot last. We can prepare for debates on minority rights and on privacy rights, too. Those two, alone, are going to be contentious as all get out!

Obama has been able to avoid debate on many of them, but, dear reader, once the debate over the new Supreme Court Justice begins, tbose issues are going to come pouring out of the “lock-up” into the light of day and it’s going to get very hot in the kitchen.

We don’t look for a candidate's qualifications to be a justice to be of prime importance in the upcoming nomineee. The left doesn’t look at the court the same way we conservarives do. Conservatives want justices drenched in constitutional law and experienced in preparing and arguing cases, and judging cases, and,… in other words… we want a justice to be qualified “in the law” to be a justice. The Left, on the other hand will look at the make-up of the seven-person court and count the number of men and women and minorities~~ and then~~ they will look for someone to “balance” the court.

At this moment I expect the left to insist on a black, or Hispanic, woman to fill the spot Souter is leaving. Of course the left does insist their nominee be about as far left as Joe Stalin, so we can expect an extreme leftist, quite possibly a socialist …thus, the title to this piece.

Now, we conservatives can make all the fuss we want to but nothing is going to change the fact that the US Supreme Court is going to be a liberal court for decades to come. That is the greatest loss of all to the country.

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

funny if you look at the laws and protect the rights of the people they consider you a liberal but if you protect coropoarations they label you a conservative. Look at what the righ leaning court did to private property rights by allowing a city to use eminent domain to strip property from one private owner and give it to another... You don't think we have an inherent right to privacy? If you don't then you must love big brother tracking credit card purchases and what books you chack out at the library and what websites you go to.. all thanks to the Ultra right-wing George W. Bush. I am glas America is finnaly coming back a little towards the center.