Thursday, May 28, 2009

IS the Obama Regime Content with an Iranian “A” Bomb?

Is the Obama Regime Content with Iranian “A” Bomb?
J. D. Longstreet


The Obama Administration certainly seems content to allow Iran to build an “A” bomb even with the knowledge of what Iran will do with that bomb and what the proxies of Iran will do with the “other” bombs Iran will build and surely divvy out to their lackeys in the various Islamofacist farm teams around the world, several of which are active here in this hemisphere and even in this country.

It is becoming even clearer as each day goes by that the Obama administration is not going to do a single thing to stop Iran from acquiring the bomb. And after the head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, flew (secretly) to Israel recently to read the riot act to Israel in an attempt to scare Israel into stopping their planned raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities, it is apparent that Obama is desperate to stop Israel. I have to wonder if Mr. Obama understands just how difficult it is to frighten a people who lost six million of their own to another terrorist state in the twentieth century. It is damn near impossible - and the sooner Obama understands that, the better off his relationship with Israel will be. For the moment, US/Israeli relations have tanked.

One has to wonder just how those American Jews who supported Obama, in his run for the presidency, feel now as they find themselves in the same situation their recent ancestors found themselves with FDR in the White House and their relatives in Europe being gassed to death by the Nazis while the White House chose to look the other way.

We are rapidly approaching the day when another six million Jews will be killed if SOMEBODY doesn’t do SOMETHING to stop Iran. From the Obama White House we can expect nothing but Jimmy Carter diplomacy, which was to “speak softly and do nothing.”

So here is a news flash for Mr. Obama and the White House: Get ready for all hell to break loose in the Middle East. It is coming as surely as night follows day - and very soon.

After the chief spook, Panetta, flew in with his bullying tactic, Israel, understands, even better now, that they stand alone. What Obama and his bully boys do not seem to grasp is that once that visit by Panetta was ended, Israel was free from any constraints upon them by the US to go ahead and make their much planned and rehearsed raid as soon as possible, the sooner the better.

Washington does understand that once the Middle East goes up in flames all the things they worry about, primarily the free flow of oil from the Gulf region to the rest of the world, will certainly be curtailed, if not stopped entirely. Oil tankers attempting to navigate the Straits of Hormuz will most likely be hit by Iranian missiles, set ablaze, and sunk in the straits, effectively closing them to all oil shipments out of that region. THAT is the point at which the US military will be involved and we will then have a three front war in the Middle East. Obama IS smart enough to know that once the missiles begin to rain down on American sailors, on American ships, the American people will demand that the US military strike back at Iran with everything we have.

Look, a head-on military conflict between Iran and the US is unavoidable unless Obama is willing to sacrifice six million more Jews AND the state of Israel. It certainly looks, today, as if Mr. Obama is ready to do that very thing.

After all the apologies Obama made in his “victory tour” of Europe, following his election, I have to ask - is there no end to the shame his government is willing to bring upon the people of the United States?

(For an excellent article on the deteriorating relationship between the US and Israel go

J. D. Longstreet


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