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Is Gibraltar The “Stand-In” For Iran As Israel Rehearses?

Is Gibraltar The “Stand-In” For Iran As Israel Rehearses?
IAF Hones Edges For Massive Attack On Iranian Nuclear Facilities?
By: J. D. Longstreet


It is difficult to see what is going on when one’s head is buried in the sand. Not only is it an exercise in futility for those who CHOOSE to be “sight challenged”, but it forces one to present a rather inviting target to others who may be coveting an opportunity to inflict pain surreptitiously.

We are speaking, of course, of our European neighbors on this planet, and other nations, as well, including those of the UN, who refuse to believe that Israel is going to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

I, on the other hand, believe Israel will attack Iran and, I believe the plans have long since been made and, I suspect deeply, that Israeli agents are on the ground in Iran and have been for months, busily identifying targets and laying in coordinates of said targets and other odds and ends required for a successful air attack with smart bombs, and bunker busters, of the latest types, including those with delayed fusing and deeper penetration, etc.

Now, I have no “inside” source, no source “close to the top” or any of that sort of journalistic “mumbo-jumbo” speak. What I do have is a country boy’s intuition gained and honed from long hours in the woods and swamps of the Carolinas hunting game and observing the sundry ways the prey will try to avoid being “bagged”. These same rules of nature apply when a nation suspects it is about to be bagged by another ~ and ~ when the hunter nation prepares to make the prey’s worse nightmare’s come true.

When one does that, it becomes as evident as daylight that Israel is preparing to strike Iran~ and~ Iran knows it~ and is trying to prepare itself while it maintains a façade of “What? Me Worry?” around themselves as they prepare to be ripped apart by Israeli bombs.

Recently, Israel took part in military exercises at Gibraltar, a British colony at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. That colony just happens to be some 3800 miles from Israel. The distances involved are very nearly the same as those the Israeli Air force would have to deal with in an attack on Iran. A coincidence? Hardly. In today’s military world, especially the military world of the Middle East, coincidence is extremely rare.

As the Obama Administration seems dead set against assisting Israel in it’s effort to save the life of it’s nation, of it’s home, the IDF is doing something it does better than any other military on the planet. They improvise. One of the biggest roadblocks to an Israeli bombing raid on Iran is the distance. Getting the Israeli aircraft to Iran, make the bombing runs, and make it back to Israel is almost impossible. I interjected the word “ALMOST” because this is Israel we’re talking about! These are the military folks who took the world’s best tank and made it better. These are the people who took one of the world’s best fighter/attack aircraft and made it better. They still have that “can do” spirit about them and they seem to be able to channel it in the direction that will help their country survive. And make no mistake about it… we are talking about the survival of Israel as a nation!

Look, the Middle East is about to explode into a third world war. The people who study such things are looking at Pakistan with dread these days as the Taliban draw ever closer with their probing battles in and around Pakistan’s capital and strategic facilities. Soon, they will be ready… and they will take the country of Pakistan and, with it, they get a ready made nuclear arsenal. That’s right! The world’s terrorists will have nuclear bombs!

Israel cannot sit around while the Obama Administration “talks” with Iran to gain some sort of diplomatic “brownie points.” No, Israel has to take Iran off the table, ASAP, and prepare for whatever ELSE the world’s terrorists have planned for her AFTER THEY, TOO, have THE BOMB. (Do not think, for one moment, the Taliban will not be distributing atomic bombs to fellow terrorists around the world, for they most certainly will.)

Just as 2 + 2 = 4 in basic math… basic reckoning tells us that Israel + Gibraltar = IRAN. I am satisfied that Israel has solved the attack aircraft re-fueling problems and the Raid on Iran is one step, a HUGE step, closer.

J. D. Longstreet


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